Neodymium Bar Magnets

Neodymium bar magnets are generally used in applications which need high magnetic force per unit weight. These usually take the form of magnetic bearings that need to be positioned on a very strong piece of material such as a steel bolt. They are used primarily in electrical applications where they play a major role in the generation of electromagnetic fields necessary for proper operation. Neodymium bar magnets generate such fields by their attraction force to other magnets. They have unique properties which make them unique in the field of magnets.

Neodymium bar magnets are produced by taking a piece of uranium or steel bar and bending it into shape similar to a half-minute bar. This is then covered over with a thin layer of polystyrene or plastic and a piece of thin glass or plastic is placed between the two layers to form a hollow core. Neodymium bars that are thicker than the core have a much higher resistance to magnetic forces and are commonly used as primary conductors in motor designs and applications requiring high current capabilities. When these types of bar blocks are stacked together they are known as stackable neodymium bar magnets and they are often used as primary circuit boards in computer circuits because of their conductive properties. Some of the other applications for these types of magnetic bearings are power generators, computer hard drive structures, and hybrid/electromagnetic cars.

The cost of neodymium bar magnets generally falls into two categories, which are the full core design and the half-core design. The full-core magnets require a thicker magnet structure and so are generally more expensive than the half-core design. Generally, the full-core design provides the best performance but the cost of fabrication generally increases more quickly than the half-core design. While there are only a few manufacturers of this particular type of magnet, they are increasing production as the popularity of these devices increases.

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